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We provide professional Nutrition counseling and Lactation services


Personal Nutrition Coaching


Lynn's specialty is to blend Medical Nutrition Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine "Shi Liao" concepts to provide personalized diet plans and health coaching, based on the client's individual health condition. My consultation will help you with your overall health, especially if you suffer from chronic conditions like overweight, obesity, IBS, type II diabetes, heart diseases, cancers, etc.

Lynn的专长是将医学营养疗法和中医“食疗”概念相结合,根据您的个人健康状况,提供个性化的饮食计划和健康指导。我的咨询将帮助您改善整体健康,特别是如果您患有超重、肥胖、IBS、II 型糖尿病、心脏病、癌症等慢性病

Joyful Life Wellness Program


This unique 3-month program focus on building a sustainable lifestyle that supports healthy body weight and chronic disease prevention. In the end, you will achieve:

  • A balanced diet that will nourish your body and soul

  • A manageable and healthy lifestyle that you enjoy

  • Rebuild and strengthen a healthy relationship between food and your body, so that you can enjoy all kinds of food again

  • More energy and less stress

这个独特的3 个月训练营专注于建立一种可持续的生活方式,以帮助您达到健康的体重和预防/管理慢性疾病。通过这个训练营,您将实现:

  • 均衡的饮食,让食物滋养你的身体和心灵

  • 最适合您的长期的健康生活方式

  • 重建您的身体和食物的关系,让您再次享受食物

  • 增加活力,减少压力

Lactation Services


Lynn and Susan provide support for expecting moms and breastfeeding moms with hands-on Lactation services as well as nutrition counseling for prenatal and postpartum diet. For details please click here.

Lynn 和 Susan 为准妈妈和哺乳妈妈提供母乳喂养支持以及产前/产后的营养咨询。了解更多请点击这里

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